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Fashion class week : Friday, 16 September 2016                                Time : 10:45 - 5:30                                     ...

Fashion class week : Friday, 16 September 2016                               
Time : 10:45 - 5:30                                                                              
Location : Ravensbourne University

Today we have fashion class, We did mood board from our home. Inside mood board have image and drawing or writing to explain our emotional feeling and shown what we going to do. I chose to do fashion hat. I get inspired from "The Opera House Roof". That I went to the engineer exhibition at V&A Museum last week. I decide to use geometric form because I think It's really interesting and simplicity. My mood board are minimal style. I chose black and white colour to convey my style. 

First of all, I created some shape from the paper to be my tiny model and design composition. I want my fashion hat have to modern and look smart so I've mixed one big form and little form together. After that, it seems not interesting. I want it to be more fresh and natural, so I used each form with this geometric form. I chose to fold some of my paper to be butterfly. and Perfect!

Second,  I need to find somebody to be my model to take a picture with my fashion hat. One of my friends her name is Joy. She said to me OK. I like her feeling from her eyes. It look like high fashion. Let's see!

What could I have done differently/better?
- If I have lot of time I want to use more colour on my work. Now, I cannot imagine how cute if it have the colour.

What if anything surprised me?
- This shape are more complex than my expectation. When I combine geometric form with butterfly paper cut. It look nice.

How can I prepare/plan for tomorrow/next week?
- Next project I want to try different style, shape, colour on my work.

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