Graphic Design Class

Week 4 : Graphic Design                                                                               Date : 18 September 2016             ...

Week 4 : Graphic Design                                                                              
Date : 18 September 2016                                                    
Location : Ravensbourne University

Today we have Graphic Design Class, In morning we did draw our classmate but in difference way. First, drawing without see the paper. Second, drawing by left hand. Third, drawing by mouth. I think this is really interesting and made me discover my new way. Let's think if we are blind we can the picture drawing by other organ. That's amazing!

I have draw my classmate without looking.
Our class drawing by mouth.

my favourite photo made by me. I did it from my classmate.

Drawing ourself.

We did 4 feature from difference and combine it. I think this is very detail.

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