Date : Monday, 26 September 2016                                                         Class : Typography + paper cut                   ...

Date : Monday, 26 September 2016                                                        
Class : Typography + paper cut                                                            
Location : Ravensbourne University

First task, we wrote our birthday present in our life and what we want to do on the A1 paper. We used various difference font style and colour. Some of my classmate use lot of technique such as watercolour, colour pen, drawing, etc. Started, I wrote my birthday present on my paper. The first is my watch that's my grandmother given me. I try to used difference font style because it's more interesting. After that I try to created various font. The colour I used are only white/black because I want people to concentrate with my font style not the colour.

Second task, after I did the various font style on A2 paper. I cut it but I have to link it as well. It's difficult to cut and link because I didn't plan to cut it at first time so my work are spread over the paper. After we're done. The tutor told us to hang over the rope. This seems like we created a mini-exhibition. I like this. When our work on the rope and have display from our teacher to be background. That look amazing.

What didn't work and why?
- First time I have no idea but after lecture, I try to use various font. But sometime various fonts do not match.
What could I have done differently/better?
- If I have more time I want to paint colour on my work.
What if anything surprised me?
- I was surprised when I hang up my work on the rope and have interesting display in the background.
How can I prepare/plan for tomorrow/next week?
- Find out different style.

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