Stomping Grounds Exibition

Exhibition : Stomping Grounds   by  Dick  Scott-Stewart                                                                                     ...

Exhibition : Stomping Grounds  by Dick Scott-Stewart                                                                                                                  Location : Museum of London
Entry : Free 

The exhibition shows the photos of Scott-Stewart's experiences to recall his own adolescence His photograph is about style of dress, fashion, music, tattoo to show social attitudes and behaviour.

‘ROCKABILLY RABELS’: He captures the way adolescent play-fighting and laughing to explanation about their expression and thinking scene.‘LADIES OF THE PACK’ four young women have a role to play to be values of the gang. They look natural and smooth for both sexes.‘ON THE TERRACES’  this is my favorite path. Two German nationals from Cologne had been invited to the game by a select set of West Ham’s fan.
TRANSGENDER LONDON’ This photo is about trans women living. for me, it’s darkened, sensual and complex.

From This exhibition, it gives me new experience and his work is really appreciate, darkness and joy touch. It's complex and lot of meaning. Sometime seem pain. I have seen many perspective from his work.

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