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Utopia     :  Friday, 9 September 2016                                               Location :  V&A Museum                          ...

Utopia     :  Friday, 9 September 2016                                              
Location :  V&A Museum                                                                
Time : 15:00 PM

I went to V&A Museum for trace ideas of utopia project. I have drawing, photography and writing inspiration on my sketch book. I have chance to seen two exhibitions. First, Engineer Exhibition is about Ove Arub's work. His work was really amazing. His work have lot of system and design for solve the problem. I like the way he design that's clever. It's complicated but very interesting. The popular work is The Sydney opera house roof, 1961. A defining design decision was made - to construct the roof as interconnected rib structure. Sydney Opera House wind, 1960. He do the model for testing the roof's resilience to wind. Through a system of ducts and monitoring equipment inside it, the result showed that wind would not be a significant issue for the roof, even after it's geometry.

to link with Utopia project : I like the Sydney Opera roof. That's really clever for inspired me and very interesting. I would use this geometric form to adapt with my project.

The Second Exhibition name "Underwear Exhibition"

I can't take a picture but I have some of my sketch in these exhibition. These exhibition is showed about the evolution of underwear. The process was amazing. It have lot of material and combine technology into underwear.

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