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Location : Tate modern Date : 6 October 2016 Time : 10:45 Tate Modern is modern art gallery located in London. There are various piece ...

Location : Tate modern
Date : 6 October 2016
Time : 10:45

Tate Modern is modern art gallery located in London. There are various piece of work such as sculptures, drawings, paintings, and printing. And also have different exhibition such as Artist and Society, In The Studio, Material and Objects, Between Object and Architecture, and Living Cities. In this article, Louise Bourgeois and Rebecca Horn have been selected to demonstrate the function of museum exhibition and comprehensively compare differences and similarities between these artists with their artwork. The paragraphs are divided into three sections. 

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) Louise Bourgeois is an artist of intense psychologist. Her work is addressing universal experiences. ‘The exhibition brings together a selection of Bourgeois’s late works, alongside a small number of earlier pieces from her remarkable seven-decade career in Switch House’. Inside Bourgeois’s room exhibition, The light from the window reflect on her work and it is an open space to show her artwork like sculptures, drawings and writing. Many of her work is in large scale. Louise Bourgeois saying: “I want to create my own architecture so that the relationships of my forms and objects are fixed. Sometimes I need the large scale so that the person can literally move in relationship to the form. The difference between the real space and the psychological space interests me and I want to explore both.” (Rachel, C. 2014 website) As a result her work express various emotions. To illustrate, Leg 2011, The sculpture is fabric, hanging piece hanging on the ceiling. The shapes of her sculptures are very asymmetrical and interesting. It has 3 legs, which are in different scale and bigger than human size. Personally, I am consider legs represent a family father, mother and children. The colour is vivid red. That shows loves and relationship in family. ’Bourgeois’s sister had a medical problem, with her knee and sometimes had difficulty walking.’ This is indicate memories and feeling toward her family. From my point of view, the best of Bourgeois’s work is A L’lnfni 2008-9, it’s large scale work that’s combine several frame. Bourgeois used various technique drawing on this work, drawing, and painting. The image also used simple shape from free hands. It is look like ribbons that flow diagonally across the page but It’s still connected from movement shapes. That’s remind to complex journey and relationship of life.

Rebecca Horn 1944 the German artist of transformation, Horn started drawing depicting human bodies while she was illness and spent several months in hospital between 1968 and 1969, aged 24. That experience had dramatically impact for her work. Later, Horn started producing these work as sculptures made out of fabric, metal and wood. When her health was well enough, Horn started continue her work. She filming herself and her collaborators wearing the body sculptures as props. Several actions narrate the relationship between a body and elaborate environment. Moreover, Horn’s work also have movement and interaction between participants. In this exhibition, the ‘body sculptures’ explore the relationship between surrounding space and body of human. Horn always begins with drawing. She says: ‘Making sketches with coloured pencils is still my favourite pastime. It is exciting to see the drawings alongside the fully realised work’ (Jeanette, C. 2005 website) One of my favourite is Cockatoo Mask 1973, The material is white feathers delicately, That made it look softness. The shapes is cover face by feathers wink that forces people to remain intimately alone because feather isolates heads from the surrounding environment. For my first reaction is this piece of work really interesting because outside this work it feel safe and delicate while inside seem trespass and aggression. I understood these work compare people in social who was conceal from outside surrounding.
For difference things, the idea of Bourgeois’s work express her life, memories in childhood, sexual, emotion and relationship between her family and server style work for instance, sculpture, installation art, painting, printmaking. The colour, Bourgeois used colour follow work for example Spider 1994 used black for realistically, 10am is When You Come to Me 2006 used darkness red and pink in outline black to represent relationship between male and female, and Couple 2007 used red colour to painting for elaborate loves and complex memories. The material, Bourgeois designed material and pattern appropriately emotion’s work such as Couple l 1996, Bourgeois used fabric, lace, socks, nylon tights and one of her own blouses to create the sculpture. The blue pinstriped shirt and black nylon tights was used in this work for depicting male. The arms and legs of masculine figure used a metal hook which hang the work on wire from ceiling. The scale,Bourgeois created various scale of work between tiny piece Ear 2002, Eyes 2003, and Home for Runaway Girls 1994. Until large scale Spider 1994, and À L’Infini 2008-9. While Horn’s work contact between a person and his or her environment. Artist also using video and film to establish a connection between sculpture and action. Horn undertook the production of highly narrative the sculptures and movement from her earlier work into the film. Personally, I think Horn communicate her ideas via film and represent emotion from film’s movement. The colour, Horn used basic colour such as white, black, and grey for sculpture, installation art, performance art, film and the colour from things. Horn used variety of material depend on situation, meaning, and emotional that she express into work for instance, Cockfeathers Mask 1973, the materials comprises a narrow strip of fabric covers metal into the shape with glossy black feathers. Finger Gloves 1972, the material consists of wood and fabric for metre-long fingers. The scale, Horn have different scale of work. Basically, she used normal scale Pencil Mask 1972 strapped around face, and Cockatoo Mask 1973 comprises two richly feathered white wings cover the face. Until enormous scale or bodily extensions Mechanical Body Fan 1973-4 designed to be placed over the shoulders of a female performer. This focus on the human body took on a particular personal resonance. Arm Extensions 1968 is one of a series of body extension. The arms reach to the floor. For the installation, Bourgeois’s room have open space than Horn’s room. I feel touch and independent when I am inside Bourgeois’s room. While Horn’s work is inside glass box. It’s seem private place than Bourgeois’s room. I like the ideas that Horn show the real work while Horn took picture when did experiment to be result.

The artists discussed in this essay share obvious similarities. They are both designed method work from their experience in their life but different alternative. Their work have several meaning. The process started from sketch to consider and develop their ideas. Some work they have associate with people so the sketch are essential important to elaborate their express to other people. Some of Bourgeois’s work related body for instance Ear 2002, Eyes 2001-5 this work made of pink marble. It have 4 different eyes to represent a family, and Tits 1967 is a bronze sculpture with black. An artists did this piece of work when depictions of body parts. Similar Horn’s work. She has fascination with the human body such as Measure Box focuses on the measurement area and the proportion of men and movements, Overflowing Blood Machine 1970 the function remains but it being an extension of the mechanism, and Handschuh Finge the concepts are touch and sensory. She depict how wearing these gloves with surrounding. it’s clearly that both of Bourgeois’s work and Horn’ work have dramatically influence to me because their work inspired me to improve and adjust with my work. It’s amazing when I understood lot ofmeaning of their work. For relevant to my course is demonstrate connection between things and
sent message to people. I think the elements are very important. The methods create work could start from the basic thing such as the colour relevant emotion, memories and feeling or an alternative that artists chose into materials could be connect with story that artist want narrative. To illustrate, sexuality, identity, social, technology and politics. Personally, I feel surprised when Horn used the human body to be part of her work. The alternative she designed is interesting. Similarity, I like various technique style that they combined to their work patterns, colour, element, scale, line, and materials.
In addition, there were evident stylistic differences and similarities between Louis Bourgeois and Rebecca Louise. The main difference is concept of work. The similarities is method and process from work. Moreover, artists used various as well. I strongly believe both of Bourgeois and Louise’s work are inspiration for everyone.

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