Today, I learnt signage. Started, tutor taught us what is signage in the morning. Soof gave us an example and referent. From this class I le...

Today, I learnt signage. Started, tutor taught us what is signage in the morning. Soof gave us an example and referent. From this class I learnt how important of signage because if we didn't design signage. It will make people misunderstanding.

Brief : to create a signage and way finding system which helps people navigate from the tube to destinations outside the station

Then I have meeting Angie to review my portfolio. I prepare my work and personal statement to her. She gave me example and gave direct me to design portfolio. She gave me an ideas about layout in various style. After that, I go to North Greenwich station to took photo of signage and symbol. I try to see the problem of signage that make user confuse. I started to took picture from outside of station. Then I took picture inside station. I saw some of signage is too much information. It's better if I separate information to easy way. I went to down stair of the station to see some signage. My friends gave me an ideas. If we design line on the floor to go to station or exit. It would be great. I agree with this idea. I think this is quite creative but I think sometime if people come to the station in the same time so I don't think this idea can use on busy time.

Then, I back to class. I printed some photo from my phone and stick it on my sketchbook. I wrote some problem such as this signage should less information, Some of signage it will be grate if it have ant icon or some of signage have icon but it should have more text for understanding, I don't like this colour it should be.. , Some of signage I want to arrange new information because I think it will be easier. My ideas I want to design something nice and new. So I design to designed lift, way to station, floor, way out. I research more reference from Behance. Some of ideas very inspiration.

This project we did by group. Our group have 3 person(Pati, Chloe, me).  First, we discuss information together. Each person share any ideas. Chloe have idea to use symbol(arrow) on signage.
I want to use big font and combine it on place. Then I did more research. See layout from other work.

Here is my design

I used big font and combine it. first picture. I design signage to go to station, bus, taxi. I change for blue background to white background. I think this is easier to see in nighttime when concert or show at O2 finished. I design big font 'Station' at left side of sign.
Second photo, I still use big font on lift. I think it's nice when I try to add some detail into it. I used white font on blue background.

First photo, I designed second floor with the simple number and used a bit up icon. I think this is very straight. People can see function directly.

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