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My final outcomes include UI Kit, Zine, Instagram Page and a Name Card. The concept is connected between the graphic designer and the use...

My final outcomes include UI Kit, Zine, Instagram Page and a Name Card. The concept is connected between the graphic designer and the user, therefore I designed tools for the designer that they can use and they are able to adjust my project in UI into their own design in easy ways. I redesigned COS  brand to be my case study. I have considered the brand concept and made sure to remain their identity. Also, I designed layout based on human behaviour. Then, I created Zine to present these UI Kit and  uploaded on Social network to get some feedback. 

The original Project Proposal is a deep research user interaction and focuses on CTA function. After researching, I though it’s interesting if I use the brand to be a case study for my design. For final outcomes, I focus on brand identity and also on visual design. Then I designed Ui Kit based on brand and present into a zine because I think if my UI Kit is only visible on a computer, people will be able to see it but can’t feel and touch my work. I want bring my work unclose to the viewer.

I researched step by step. I started to find out what the problem is and how to solve it in a better way. Afterwords, I researched about  style, colour, typography and layout. I also did some experiments based on my research in variety of ways to see what is the best way I want to apply into my work. Annotations were applied explaining my process in my sketchbook. Finally making Blog posts to analyse my work and talked about process of thinking. By following the FMP plan,  had helped me decide what my next step will be. This has helped me to scope the project and achieve my goal.

Before doing the FMP project,I still own technique skills from before but was lacking in ideas. When I started the project, I have no idea what I have to do and started the project without a purpose for it. Therefore, I realised that skills are not enough to achieve my goal. The research and experiments are also important which is going back to basic skills. Asking myself what do I enjoy and that’s how I started my topic which I am happy with it. I cannot deny that research has helped me a lots. I wrote ideas into my sketchbook so I can see where the overall outcome is, thus knowing what my next step will be;I also find new ideas from research and use it into my project. 

The majority is researched has effect into my final outcomes. Some of my experiment was happen by mistaken and I used it into my project. Blog had helped me to plan my project and also realised what I did, what I’m thinking and what I should do next for my process.

The group reviews have helped me to know each person’s opinion. Taking notes on their opinions. I also knew their ideas and saw some amazing work  from other people.   When I get feedback, I analyse their  information in order to improve my project. Moreover, One-to-one tutorials has helped me to pause my project and being advised into different directions.

Next year, I want to do some more work using different techniques. I also want to upload some work that I’ve done in the FMP on my online portfolio. Being open minded and getting feedback to improve my work in a better way is one of the things I would like to approach. I want to learn more 3D and adjust into User Interface. Hopefully, I hope everything is  going to be great.

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